First Time Vapers

If you made it to this page then you are tired of buying your “last pack” of cigarettes everyday and having your friends and family always giving you a hard time.  We know…we’ve been there. Therefore, we’ve broken it down into a simple three step process that will help you chose the right kit for you.

1. Choose Your Battery

The battery is the rechargeable power source.

2. Choose Your Tank

Your tank will hold your e-liquid.

3. Choose Your E-liquid

We have over 50 flavors and our list keeps growing. Our Monster Vape brand e-liquids are developed in-house by experienced vapors.  We have a wide variety of flavors in the following categories:

  • Tobacco – Wide range of flavors including menthol and clove
  • Rich  – Rich coffee flavors and bold deserts
  • Fruity – For those who really never liked the taste of cigarettes anyway
  • Fresh – Think light and minty