First Time Vapers

If you made it to this page then you are tired of buying your “last pack” of cigarettes everyday and having your friends and family always giving you a hard time.  We know…we’ve been there. Therefore, we’ve broken it down into a simple three step process that will help you chose the right kit for you.

1. Choose Your Battery

The battery is the rechargeable power source for your ecig.  Like all rechargeable batteries, they die so we highly recommend purchasing a minimum of two batteries to get started.

Two important things to consider are the battery’s capacity (measured in milliamp hours (mAh)) and power (measured in volts (V)).

  • For the light smoker: Standard Voltage – constant power output of 3.2V
  • For the heavy smoker needing extra vapor: Variable Voltage – power range of 3.2 – 4.8V
  • For the experienced vapor: Variable Voltage Mod – customizable power range up to 6V

2. Choose Your Vaporizer

You have the option of using either atomizers or cartomizers with your ecig.  For first time vapors, we recommend using one of our bottom fill clearomizers.  They are easy to fill and provide a great vape.

3. Choose Your Juice

We have developed over 40 flavors and they keep on growing.  Our juices are developed in-house by experienced vapors.  We have a wide vairiety of flavors in the following categories:

  • Tobacco – Wide range of flavors including menthol and clove
  • Rich  – Rich coffee flavors and bold deserts
  • Fruity – For those who really never liked the taste of cigarettes anyway
  • Fresh – Think light and minty