WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Monster Vape offers 3 levels of pricing for our wholesale customers: Gold, Silver and Bronze (depending on order quantity). For complete details on our Premium E-Liquid, wholesale pricing structure or getting set up with online wholesale ordering, contact us at wholesale@monstervape.com


Interested in ordering Monster Vape e-liquid at a wholesale price? Learn more about what Monster Vape has to offer throughout this page or request more information at wholesale@monstervape.com. We have taken the utmost time and dedication to perfecting the art of crafting custom e-liquid. Since 2012, we have been pushing forward to become one of the highest quality choices for wholesale on the market. Monster Vape’s growing popularity moved from being a local company, to now attracting customers from California to New York to visit the growing retail locations. Aside from stores and our online sales, we are looking for qualified re-sellers to offer our e-liquid outside the San Antonio market. Our professional team and lab are set up to fill your orders with high-quality product and excellence in customer service.



Monster Vape offers 4 unique premium e-liquid brands to our re-sellers. We believe in quality over quantity, and have taken the time to focus on each flavor, perfecting it’s quality, consistency, and responsiveness to the hardware. We are always accepting the input of our customers to ensure they get the highest quality they demand from our complete lines. Our current lines include Monster Vape MeridianMonster Vape IdentityMonster Vape Legends and Monster Vape Elite.



We want to extend our professional quality to you through our experienced staff and facilities behind Monster Vape. Using the tested 99.5% USP grade PG, and 99.7% USP grade VG, she is able to create flavors that are of the highest quality for our customers. Through dedication and constant research, our e-liquid has been tested and verified to be within only 1% margin of error for nicotine content and uses no artificial sweeteners or additives such as caffeine. With customer in mind, every flavor was created with 20% or less flavoring to help maintain the integrity of heating elements. All of this is possible due to Monster Vape’s ever growing and adapting laboratory in San Antonio. Using Food Grade and laboratory standards, we have developed a facility designed for creating clean e-liquid. From stainless steel non-porous lab tables, to using quality food grade disinfectant on a daily basis, we have ensured proper quality assurance to provide all re-sellers with a high comfort level. To learn more about our high-quality e-liquid production, go to our Monster Vape E-Liquid page in this website.



What separates us from the many growing and new e-liquid companies available for wholesale? We offer immediate response. Never worry about waiting to hear back from companies if your order is ready or how long it will take to ship to you. Once you are setup as a wholesale customer, we will provide you access to order online with your pre-determined pricing level. With a warehouse constantly stocked with fresh e-liquid, our distribution team will work hard to ensure a prompt and accurate delivery. From the time you place your order, until the e-liquid is on your shelves, we want you to be comfortable knowing that Monster Vape will be there with you every step of the way to take care of any needs you may have.



Not only does Monster Vape offer quality e-liquid for you to stock your shelves, but we want to make sure your customers know just what kind of quality you carry in your store. Upon request, re-sellers will be provided authorized graphic assets to help you promote Monster Vape E-liquid on your Facebook page and other social media avenues. Monster Vape’s in house 5-star branding capabilities will become part of your team to ensure the presentation of products intrigue and impress.